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A company engaged in supply of custom made metal components to Global Transmission and Distribution Companies. To be one stop shop for the logistic, procuring and inventory control of metal fittings for the transmission and distribution industry.

We are recognized for our ability to supply an extensive range of world class metal components. RNG Exports offers you intensive solutions to product design requirements, in depth knowledge on the best available material, manufacturing techniques & delivery systems.

Business Model

  • Business Partners
  • In House Manufacturing
  • Product Development capability
  • Process / Cost Improvement
  • Warehousing, Point of Use, Delivery systems & Logistic Management
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Absorb the business risk along the vertical supply chain
  • Customer Satisfaction

Key Focus

  • One Stop Source - Ability to deal with diverse commodity base
  • Lower Engineering / Product Development Costs
  • Logistics Management - Local / Overseas Procurement
  • Multiple Vendor Sources
  • Concepts, Design and Development
  • Transfer of soft Costs at Lower Overhead - Lean Operation
  • Lower Procurement, Inventory and Handling Costs
  • Availability of inventory at point of use
  • Provide customer flexibility to buy higher level assembly v/s multiple Components at lower level in diversified commodities

Our Infrastructure