Company Overview

Business Model

  • Business Partners
  • In House Manufacturing
  • Product Development capability
  • Process / Cost Improvement
  • Warehousing, Point of Use, Delivery systems & Logistic Management
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Absorb the business risk along the vertical supply chain.
  • Customer Satisfactions.

Key Focus

  • One Stop Source - Ability to deal with diverse commodity base.
  • Lower Engineering / Product Development Costs.
  • Logistics Management - Local / Overseas Procurement
  • Multiple Vendor Sources.
  • Concepts, Design and Development.
  • Transfer of soft Costs at Lower Overhead - Lean Operation.
  • Lower Procurement, Inventory and Handling Costs.
  • Availability of inventory at point of use
  • Provide customer flexibility to buy higher level assembly v/s multiple Components at lower level in diversified commodities.